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Service : 053 9143592
General : 053 9145554

Sales : 053 9168323
Parts : 053 9143588

Service : 053 9143592
General : 053 9145554

Sales : 053 9168323
Parts : 053 9143588


Next Generation Scania

” Scania trucks are built for the road, making money for the Operators “

XT Range

XT Range, robust and reliable trucks like no other. Created through timeless engineering and extensive field testing.
The XT is available across our entire cab range, tailored to suit your tough needs.

The S Series

The new S Series raises the stakes in long distance driver comfort.
Let Delaney Commercials increase your driving profitability by showing you the way to outstanding operating economy.

The R Series

Persistent and versatile, the new R Series perfectly fits your life on the road. It delivers comfort, visibility and control.
The R series offers tailor made solutions for your long-haul business.

The P Series

The P Series designed for everyday work. Ideal for urban, regional operations.
Well proven for construction and other demanding conditions. You can now tailor your truck to suit your needs.

The L Series

Designed for city/urban conditions.
City driving involves many starts and stops and maximum driver visibility with increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
The new L Series is designed with this in mind.

The G Series

The new G series trucks are highly adaptable with many design options. Create your G series truck to suit your business needs.

Battery Electric Truck

With regional capability

Sustainability goes regional with our updated battery electric trucks. Available both as a rigid truck and as a trailer tractor – offering a brand new driveline, improved batteries, faster and more powerful charging capabilities, 320 km range at 40 tonnes load and 230 km range at the 64 tonnes max GTW. The new triple electric machine powertrain also provides ample electromechanical PTO, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of temperature-controlled transports or power hungry applications such as hook lifts.


Scania Configurator

Scania  build trucks that build businesses. It’s not just about performance, reliability and economy: it’s about Scania’s knowledge of your business. By getting to know you, we can tailor-make a package of services that can help increase your profitability dramatically. By using the Scania Configurator you have the lead role in designing your truck. Scania Configurator is easily accessed through all electronic devices. Sign in and check it out. Just follow the steps below.

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