Scania Trucks

KD Garage since 1992 has built up extensive experience in delivering Scania’s wide range of Reliable, fuel efficient Trucks to the South Eastern Region. 

The Scania Difference to meet customer needs.

  • Driver Experience.  Providing high levels of comfort, best all around visibility from the driving position, leading to stress free driving.  The Cabs are fitted with Top of the Range Technology infotainment systems, climate control, storage, bunk and seat options that gives the Driver the unique Scania driving experience.
  • V8 – The only Euro 6 approved V8; for the ultimate driver experience [for your truck drivers].
  • Up-Time.  K.D. Garage together with Scania will devise a maintenance plant to suit your truck’s individual needs.
  • Total Operating Economy.  We undertake to work with our customers to understand their individual requirements to ensure we offer the correct solutions in terms of satisfaction and after sales service.
  • Fuel Efficiency. By understanding the Individual Operating Conditions and specifying the correct truck, as well as offering driver coaching and monitoring, provides the best opportunity for fuel returns.
  • Risk Management. We offer affordable solutions [Contract Hire, Maintenance and Repair Plans, Maintenance Plans only] to reduce your risk.
  • Safety. Led Lighting provides greater visibility.  Adaptive and Predictive cruise control working together with the Retarder and EBS Brakes ensure the truck is always alert to danger.  With the option of a curtain Air Bags makes the ‘Next Generation’ Scania Cab the safest on the market’.

Scania’s “Modular” system allows you, the customer to pick from over 17,000 variations to ensure you get not only the correct truck for your job, but also with the comfort levels you desire.

Use Scania Configurator to configure your truck.

Check out the full range of Scania Trucks by clicking on the Website. or Call Keith at 086 2572468

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